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Is Disenchantment in the Futurama universe?

by Jesus Le Goff
Is Disenchantment in the Futurama universe?

Fry,” in which the trio travel through the destruction of the Universe and the entire history of creation over and over. This means that at some point, they existed in the same time and place as the medieval events of Disenchantment..

How old is Luci from Disenchantment?

Over 300 years old.

Is Futurama and Disenchantment connected? Futurama is an American animated science fiction, created by Matt Groening, the same person who made Disenchantment.

How old is Elfo?

Elfo is an 18-year-old elf from the sheltered, hidden world of Elfwood. Even though he’s upbeat, optimistic, and extremely knowledgeable of candy, he’s always felt a little different from the other elves, and he leaves Elfwood in search of the big life he’s been missing.

What is Elfo half? Elfo is half elf, it has not been confirmed which race his mother was. Pops does provide a few clues on his mother being an ogre. In part 4, it is confirmed that he is half elf and half ogre and the Queen of the Orges, Grogda is his mother. Elfo being half ogre is supported by Pop’s taste for larger women (S01E09).

Who does Tiabeanie end up with?

After Bean turned nineteen, King Zøg arranged for her to be married off to Prince Guysbert of Bentwood, a handsome but dim prince, in order to form an alliance between their kingdoms, and made her wear her mother’s wedding dress for the wedding.

Why did Bean get rid of Elfo? They want Elfo in exchange for Dreamland’s safety, presumably for his role in accidentally stabbing one of Junior’s eyes. The Disenchantment Part 3 ending shows Elfo give himself up to the ogres to help save his friends and Dreamland, and he’s carried away by the group, assuming he’ll be killed.

Why is King Zøg crazy?

After being plotted against after being accidentally shot, buried alive underground and seeing Pendergast’s head, who was killed by Odval and Arch-Druidess, he went clinically insane, of which symptoms were honking noises, random screams, and the inability to take surprises.

How Old Is Zog?

Zog I of Albania

Zog I
Predecessor Ilias Vrioni
Successor Koço Kota
Born Ahmed Muhtar bey Zogolli8 October 1895 Burgajet Castle, Burrel, Ottoman Albania
Died 9 April 1961 (aged 65) Suresnes, Paris, France

What era is Disenchantment based on?

Each of the fictional nations in the series are loosely based on a real-world culture: Dreamland and Bentwood are based on medieval Europe and 19th-century Germany respectively.

How old is Derek in Disenchantment? He is revealed to be fourteen years old in Part 2. However, he was actually twelve years old in Part 1.

How old is Luci? Lucy (Australopithecus)

Catalog no. AL 288-1
Species Australopithecus afarensis
Age 3.2 million years
Place discovered Afar Depression, Ethiopia
Date discovered November 24, 1974

What is Elfo mixed with?

His design is a mixture of two characters, Bart Simpson and one of the elves from a in-universe television show, The Happy Little Elves from The Simpsons, creator Matt Groening’s earlier show.

How old is Tiabeanie?

Bean – full name Princess Tiabeanie – is Dreamland’s hard-drinking,19- year-old princess, daughter of King Zøg and dearly missed Queen Dagmar, who died when Bean was little.

Is disenchantment inspired by Game of Thrones? Series creator Matt Groening originally decreed that Disenchantment would avoid direct references to Game of Thrones after its first episode and the parody of the Iron Throne which (eventually) claimed the life of Princess Bean’s betrothed, Prince Guysbert.

How old is Prince Derek disenchantment? He is revealed to be fourteen years old in Part 2. However, he was actually twelve years old in Part 1.

What year is Disenchantment based in?

Set in the last day of summer in 1962, the movie stars the likes of Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, Richard Dreyfuss, and Harrison Ford. As for the plot, it’s an episodic, ensemble-driven story about teens skittishly sitting on the frightening precipice of adulthood and grappling with that idea.

Why is it called Disenchantment?

In social science, disenchantment (German: Entzauberung) is the cultural rationalization and devaluation of religion apparent in modern society. The term was borrowed from Friedrich Schiller by Max Weber to describe the character of a modernized, bureaucratic, secularized Western society.

Why did they change the rating of Disenchantment?

Adult content dressed up in a kid-sized cartoon

The humour is extremely adult, with constant jokes about sex (even anal penetration), drinking and drugs. They show characters smoking, getting high and in bed together.

What is the point of Disenchantment?

disenchantment, in philosophy and sociology, the supposed condition of the world once science and the Enlightenment have eroded the sway of religion and superstition. The concept of disenchantment, so defined, emphasizes the opposed roles of science and religion in modern society.

Did the creators of Futurama make Disenchantment?

At first glance, Disenchantment and Futurama couldn’t be more different (overbites aside). Although both shows were devised by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Disenchantment takes place in medieval times and Futurama is set in the distant future, so there’s no way they could ever be connected, right?

Is Bean’s mom evil?

Type of Villain

Queen Dagmar is the main antagonist of Matt Groening’s fantasy comedy show Disenchantment. She is the queen of Maru kingdom, and is the mother of the main heroine, former princess (now queen) Bean.

How old should beans be?

Queen Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeaux Grunkwitz, better known as Bean, is the main character of Disenchantment. She is the 19-year-old Queen and co-ruler of Dreamland as well as possible heir to the throne of Maru.

What is Bean’s last name Disenchantment? Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz, also known as Princess Bean, is the main character of the adult animated fantasy television series Disenchantment, voiced by Abbi Jacobson.

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